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Mount Rainier Wild Flower Season – Paradise at Sunrise

13 Aug

Mount Rainier is one of the top destinations in the Northwest during the summer season. The wildflower season is much anticipated and short lived. On sunny, warm weekends, the traffic is lined up for miles to get into the park (think of the drive through Currituck to the Outer Banks on a Saturday afternoon during July).

For the past two years, our summer has come later and later, therefore the wildflowers are blooming later and later (in case you didn’t know, it takes a while for a glacier to melt!) This past weekend, I met up with a group of photographers and headed out at 3am (the 1:45am alarm came way too early)to hit Mount Rainier at sunrise.

We beat the traffic up to Paradise but only because we might be slightly coo-coo. We were heading out for the day just as all the bar hoppers were headed home to crash.

While everyone was turned toward Mount Rainier, I looked backward over the waterfall and saw this:

The wildflowers weren’t at their peak yet so most of the flower shots below were taken on the drive down, along the sides of the road. Luckily the park service has accounted for random stops and created extra pull out areas and parking spots for us photographers who can’t wait to jump out of the car and get a few shots off.

This is the waterfall featured in the shot above – just further down the mountain.

Thanks to Sharon, I have a few shots of me in action too 🙂

And the resulting shot:

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