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We’ve moved!

21 Aug

Come visit us over at for the latest blog updates and take a look around while you’re there 🙂


H Family Anniversary Sneak Peek!

13 Aug

Happy Anniversary, you two! Enjoy your sneak peek!

I can’t decide which I like better – color or black & white – so you get both 😀

Hello world!

21 Feb

This is the first official post by Southern Exposures Photography.  As some of you know, it’s been a long time coming.  I want to start by saying Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to those around me who have supported me (and pushed me) in doing this.

Southern Exposures began as hobby in high school with the gift of an Olympus point and shoot from my father.  I really fell in love with photography on my relocation road trip from North Carolina to Washington State after college.  I love looking through the lens and seeing a different perspective.  The difficult part is capturing it before it changes.

My goal is to capture moments that are fleeting – whether it be the first time he sees you in your wedding dress or that milk-breath-smile of a newborn looking into mom’s eyes – and preserve them so you can look back and remember.

My daughter was born 5 weeks early and spent 30 days in the NICU.  I’m so happy she’s healthy and happy. But my biggest regret is that I missed the first month of newborn moments and was unable to capture them because she was in an incubator with a feeding tube.  I spent as much time at the hospital as I could but it’s not the same as having photos to look back on and remember how tiny she was or the little details like her baby fuzz or her tiny little hand curled around her dad’s finger.

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