About Me

Welcome to Southern Exposures Photography!

I’m a wife, mother and a part time natural light photographer.   I specialize in newborns and weddings, two of the biggest and most unforgettable times in a person’s life.

I love newborns and babies. This stage of their life passes so quickly, it is a time to be remembered. My daughter was born 5 weeks premature and we missed out on having her newborn photos done. This experience helped me realize how important it is to capture this fleeting time. Having Catalina has also helped me to know what I love about a baby’s picture. I always want to celebrate how small your baby is, how unique they are, and how much you love them. They will never look like this again, and also they will probably never again be able to put their heads on their feet while they sleep!

Weddings – I never realized how insane planning one was until I planned my own. As a wedding photographer, I’d like to take that one detail of your wedding day and make it so you don’t have to worry about it. I love capturing the little details and seeing your day through my viewfinder.

Want to know more about me?  Check out my Pinterest page.

Since no post is complete without pictures, here are a few of me and my whole world.

Taken by the awesome Carolyn Kipper at Kipper Photography!

So stay awhile, take a look around then contact me at cassie@southernexposuresbycassie.com or on Facebook, and we can set up an appointment.

Wife, Mother, Friend, Photographer


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